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Emergency Plumber Services, Gas Repairs, Boiler Repairs, and Central Heating Repairs in Edinburgh

Are you looking for an emergency plumber based in Edinburgh? If you live in or around the Edinburgh area you can rely on Fast Plumbing. As leading Edinburgh plumber, we provide a professional, affordable and efficient plumbing service.

Our expert team of plumbers and heating engineers have been serving the Edinburgh area since 1980 and are fully certified for gas safety. Priding ourselves on our reputation we strive to supply innovative plumbing solutions for our customers.

We offer a comprehensive range of emergency services for domestic plumbing and heating problems. These include; central heating repairs and installation, shower repairs and installation, plumbing repairs, and bathroom and kitchen installation.

At Fast Plumbing we are committed to resolving your plumbing or heating problems from the very moment that they occur. We do not outsource to third parties and are responsible for managing your projects from start to finish.

We guarantee a high quality, fast , low cost and advanced approach in order to ensure that the systems in your home are safe and efficient.

Choosing the right emergency service could spell the difference between a minor inconvenience and an all-out crisis – make the right choice by calling Fast Plumbing on 0131 337 2041 or our 24 hour emergency number 07721 762955 to book an appointment now.



   The Fastest Response, 24/7

We understand the urgency to resolve plumbing problems and have a quick response team. Not all plumbing problems happen during office hours and that’s why our experts are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help resolve any domestic disasters which might occur.

Fast Plumbing acknowledge that a minor plumbing issue can soon escalate and potentially lead to a flood in your home. Whatever the size of the project, we are committed to making sure that the water system in your household is functioning correctly.

So if a plumbing issue has caught your attention and it needs immediate action, please do not hesitate to book an emergency appointment. Call us on 07721 762955 and we will get back to you right away to help with your plumbing problems.

  Leak Prevention and Advice

Fast Plumbing provide comprehensive plumbing services including leak prevention and advice. Our experts have a wide knowledge of information on how to maintain the quality of your water and prevent damage to your water systems.

Whether you would like to reduce water wastage or prevent a leak from happening in your home, we are here to help. We also give advice on installation of new bathrooms in order to prevent repairs and replacements.

We aim to be innovators for the industry and can inform you about the best options for water systems in your home. From shower installations to plumbing repairs, drain cleaning and much more. We’re confident our leak prevention and advice service can offer a suitable resolution for your plumbing requirements.

If you would like more information or have a leak prevention query, please call one of our plumbing experts on 0131 337 2041 now. Alternatively you can also email us on fastplumbing@btconnect.com.


Throughout our decades in business, we’ve earned the trust, respect and acclaim of a sizeable client base in and around Edinburgh. We let our results speak for themselves in the reviews and write-ups our customers have shared after having used our services – you’ll find a selection to look over on our website.

What’s more, we’re always looking for ways to enhance and improve our services offered, which means that if you’re looking for something specific or unique that isn’t mentioned on our website, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

We back our services with the guarantee of the fastest response times, the highest quality results and the best possible process on the UK market today. We’ll never be undercut by the competition, we’ll ensure minimal disruption while carrying out our work and will even promise never to leave a mess behind.

When Fast Plumbing promises the total service package above and beyond industry standards, that’s exactly what we deliver.




We are fully registered and audited for gas safety. Our certification and registration documents can be presented on request.